Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Music Doings at Central

Denny, Sue and Bill have recently had the pleasure of going through the Field Music collection to make sure they are all in alphabetical order, prior to them being put into plastic sleeves to help preserve them.
Doris is currently going through the file drawers which are full (too full) of songbooks and music, and pulling out candidates for mending and/or bindery. We have run into a severe space crunch there, and hopefully this will make it possible for us to
a. Find the books/music we are looking for
b. Make room for the new songbooks and music which has been acquired but haven’t got a home yet.
We are also looking for a new method of shelving all those lovely songbooks which will help preserve them, make them easier to use, and more visible to the public.
If anyone knows of any companies dealing with shelving of music, please contact me.
Thanks, Doris.

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