Sunday, June 03, 2007

MELSA Teen Workshop at Rondo

This workshop was officially titled "Everyone Serves Teens: Understanding and De-Mystifying Teen Behavior, Part II." The presenter, Nickyia Cogshell, from the University of MN Extension 4H (not just a rural group anymore) was excellent. Her PowerPoint presentation and handouts are in the FYI basket. The handouts range from the very practical "Procedures to Create a Behavior Management Plan" and "Behavior Management Checklist" to the more philosophical "The Circle of Courage" . This model can be used to identify the source of the behavioral problem and guide rehabilitation or "reclaiming" efforts.

Ms. Cogshell is a youth development specialist and, although these ideas were prepared with afterschool programming in mind, they also apply to the library setting. She stressed the following ideas:

Young people often misbehave when their basic needs are not being met.
Teens need to know they are valued.
Consistency among staff is important.
Behavior consequences should fit individual youth development.
Involving teens in rule-making and library activities is important.
"Cultural competence" is a core value - everyone should feel welcome in the library.

Take a look at the blue folder in the FYI box entitled "Everyone Serves Teens."

-- Barb S.

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