Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The new version of Yahoo! Mail came out this week. The problems patrons have been having with the beta version should in theory be resolved, but we know things don't always happen that way. One nice feature is that the "print" button is easier to see, so we may have less problems with patrons printing using the browser "print" button and getting text cut off.

If patrons don't like the new version or are having trouble with it, they can go back to the old version by clicking on "switch back" in the upper-left-hand corner. On the upper-right-hand corner, click on the down arrow to the right of the word "options" to get "switch to original Yahoo! email".


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John Larson said...

'Had YahooMail Beta lock up a couple of customers' computers today. Logging the computer off and logging it back in worked, and CybraryN Queue even left them in the "right" place so they were able to get logged back in to the same computer