Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Postal Exam Books.


I found this entry on one of my Government Documents lists, and thought it might be of interest.

Subject: FW: [Publib] PRESS RELEASE: Sweeping Revisions Call for Immediate Purging of Postal Titles

Just in case anyone else was getting ready to pitch all their postal exam books.....

I was curious about this message, since it seems to be from an author who's trying to sell a new book. I contacted the USPS and eventually got through to a very nice, live, gentleman. He checked and said that the USPS will give anyone a free copy of the official study booklet, or they can download it themselves.

I noticed that the booklet was published in November 2004, so I asked him about the whole issue of "All the exams were revised over a period of months ending in mid 2009". He said the USPS is still using this edition of Pub 60a and anything else is not official.

Government Documents Coordinator.

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