Sunday, November 14, 2010


Jobview is meant to be a very simple, keyboard-free way to search a database of 2 million jobs. These jobs are accessible for free elsewhere, but JobView brings together a feed from 25 different web sites, scrubs them for duplicates, and posts them every morning.

Searching is by category only, a keyword option was tried but found to be too complicated. The patron can limit search to part-time and hourly only. A flag next to a job means a preference for veterans. You can limit by city and state and do a radius search, the whole country is included.

In addition to kiosks at Central, Rondo and Sun Ray, the web version of JobView is available on patron Internet computers system-wide and in the 4th floor training room. Patrons can apply for jobs and attach resumes using the web version only. Currently, SPPL is the only MELSA library with JobView. Give it a try sometime!

Andrea @Central

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Anonymous said...

I have noticed that SR has JobView loaded on their catalogs also.