Monday, April 16, 2012


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There is one more handout that I would like to share. Much of what SPPL is either in the process of implementing or already doing is considered to be on the cutting edge. In no particular order, here are some of the things that were being touted as "cutting edge" are:
digital media labs (P-M's upcoming teen media lab), creative collaborations with outside entities (Blanche Nuit, anyone?), CollectionHQ (coming this summer), collaborating with outside agencies to further job searching (GWES, NDC, WomenVenture, etc), supporting a Mobile Jobs Lab....the list goes on, but you can see that SPPL is truly out there doing what a lot of other American libraries are merely talking about. We should, indeed, be very proud of our accomplishments! However, we shouldn't get too complacent. I have also attached the handout from a discussion of a Danish library which puts us all on alert as to what the future may look like. I was unable to go to this presentation, but the handout is amazing!

--Doris @Central

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