Tuesday, April 30, 2013


You may have noticed that the Overdrive catalog has a new look. It’s not just cosmetic - there are some major changes.

Each title has an icon of a book on the upper-right-hand corner of the cover. If it is black, the book is available. If it’s greyed-out, all copies are checked out. If you click on the bookmark on the lower left of the cover, the book is automatically added to your wish list.

When you search, filter options are available on the left side. You can filter by format, language, subject, publisher, grade level, device, or items available now.

There is also the new option “additional titles to recommend”. These are titles that SPPL does not own, but are available from Overdrive. Patrons can suggest that they be purchased. This include audiobooks, which we currently do not purchase from Overdrive.  

There are fewer steps to check out, especially for those who use Adobe Digital Editions. The catalog remembers your preferred check out period, so you don’t have to choose it every time. You can still change it for an individual book. Format (Kindle or EPUB) is chosen by radio button, which should reduce errors. There is a note warning that “Once you select a format, you may only be able to return the title via the software.” Some titles can now be returned early by logging in to the patron “account”, but not all.

One nice new feature for patrons  who read on their computer, or if they have other technical issues preventing use of apps or downloading, is “Read in your browser”. Patrons can move to a different chapter, search for words, and make bookmarks, just as they do in software or apps. This feature is publisher-dependent, so not all titles are available in this format. Patrons who use Internet Explorer may need to download the Google Chrome Frame Plug-in to use all the features.

Perhaps assuming that fewer patrons are new to the process or are using the Adobe Digital Editions software, there are fewer links to it. A link called “software” is at the very bottom left of every page between “help” and copyright information, but it can be easy to miss. There is also a “get software” link on the right in the patron account’s “bookshelf” view.

For more information, check out this page from Overdrive:

--Andrea @Central

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