Monday, May 05, 2014


Hidden deep within our staff and public Internet computers is a little program called Paint.

paint 1.jpg

It’s great for patrons looking to make small changes to their photos before uploading them to Facebook or using them as a social media avatar.
paint 2.jpg

You can resize photos:
paint 3.jpg
You can rotate photos:

paint 4.jpg

You can crop photos:

paint 5.jpg
Staff can also use it to edit picture for use in flyers and presentations. See how I used drawing to highlight important information in the above photos? I find it much easier to work with than Word.

You can even do freehand drawing, though I don’t recommend it:


If a patron wants more advanced drawing and photo options while using the Internet, I recommend the free webapp . Photo Editor by Aviary (iOS, Android) and Brushes 3 (iOS) are good free mobile apps.

--Andrea @Central

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