Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Points of View
is a database of resources for persuasive essays or speeches. It includes reference books, television and radio transcripts, and primary sources as well as articles. Each resource is given a Lexile or reading level number. There are also research guides on how to choose a topic, make an outline, write the essay, and cite sources.

The patron can search for topics, browse the hot-button topics on the front page or click on "view all topics" for an A-Z list. Most topics contain an overview, point and counterpoint (pro and con sounds too negative), and a critical analysis. The critical analysis helps the patron to judge articles, separate fact from fiction, decide their own opinion and debate it.

Points of View allows the patron to create a folder just like MegaFile and Novelist Plus. Sharing of folders is not currently available, but it is slated for 2010. Meanwhile, patrons can view Points of View articles in their shared folder, they just can't create the shared folder in POV.


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