Sunday, October 04, 2009


Below are some tips and ideas from the Ebscohost training session on September 3, 2009.

Consumer Reports is now available.
Congressional Digest is now available.

Folders—Both session folders and “My Ebscohost” folders are available. Users who set up “My Ebscohost” folder can set up alerts, create subfolders and share their folders with other users (who also have a “My Ebscohost” folder). Custom folders can be shared in Ebscohost and Novelist.

Customer supports site contains free handouts and information about database features. For example, this page explains how to share a folder.

Smart text searching option (choose “smart text” under “search modes”) — allows users to paste in large amount of information (such as an abstract from an article). Ebscohost parses out that information and uses “or” searches.

Image results are now pulled out of native (digitized) pdf files and will soon be pulled out of html files—so users can see images available in articles. The database also includes information on how to cite images and a permission feature, which tells users how the images may be used.

Articles contain persistent links, which can be posted to a library web page or saved by users to access articles.

Default searching looks only in citation info. A “search within full text” option is available.

Novelist picture book extenders offer ideas for activities to accompany picture books.

Points of View — Key content is not available in any other Ebsco resources. This database includes 800 topics with four essays on each topic.

Novelist Plus is improving its readers’ advisory services. Training modules are available on the right sidebar. Recommended Reads in Novelist Plus provides good ideas for book displays


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