Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hive and Learning Networks

Learning Labs in Libraries & Museums
Grantee Convening
July 23-25, 2013
Pittsburgh, PA

Hive and Learning Networks

Hive NYC (Chris Lawrence, Director of Hive NYC,

  • Launched in 2007 and supported by Mozilla
  • Youth came up with the name ‘Hive’ and graphics; focused on youth-serving organizations committed to transforming experiences; ‘threw things at the wall and saw what stuck’, ‘was all by accident but caught like wildfire’
  • Within a year other cities were asking for advice on starting their own Hive
  • Chicago (Mozilla) & Pittsburgh (Sprout Fund) are fully-functioning

Surge Columbus (Julie Scordato, Youth Services Manager at Columbus Metropolitan Library,
  • Network of 5 institutions doing learning labs: public media, library, arts center, science & industry center, museum of art
  • Brought on an independent office of evaluators
  • Brainstormed: audience (teens, parents, internal staff..) and outcomes
  • Created a living document/logic model for the network
    • Served as a map, touchstone (reminder of commitment)
    • Each organization also developed a separate logic model
  • Formed committees across the network (weekly or biweekly meetings): programming, promotion, sustainability, products, professional development

Pittsburgh Kids+Creativity Network
  • Became the third Hive after building a network and realizing the need for contacts outside of the city and conversation about reimagining learning
  • Approached the MacArthur Foundation to ask for support
  • Hive Days of Summer
    • 3 month program; 100 opportunities, 18 organizations
    • Organizations received small grants to fund
    • Each organization received a Hive toolbox of posters/stickers – so youth saw the branding
  • Take pART (Corey Wittig, Digital Learning Librarian, The Labs @ Carnegie Library.
    • Arts & media-making around participatory politics & community engagement
    • Partners within the network: Carnegie Library, HEAR ME (an initiative of Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab), Sprout Fund
    • Youth Voice: records youth stories and share with the adults in the community who need to hear
      • One example was recording stories of youth who grew up with parents in prison; their stories were shared with adults in a prisoner re-entry program

 Hive Global
  • New sites in progress include Toronto and Mexico City
  • There’s a need to share best practices and build together on a global level but also to be hyperlocal
  • Global Maker Party: helps create global connections as people mingle and then share

Advice to other cities:
  • (From San Francisco) Host a Hive Pop-up to assess need, commitment
    • A pop-up is an event that brings multiple youth-serving organizations into one space, similar to a maker fair
    • For participating organizations the event helps to find tensions, possibilities, tangible things to build upon, much better place to start a co-plan (more effective than a meeting)
  •  Involve an independent operator who can balance interests between organizations
    • Neutral
    • Will help with moving forward and building value
  • Look at current youth trajectories and design towards that; what’s working in your city?

-Leslie @ SR/Admin

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Jen Larson said...

Thanks for posting this, Leslie. When I was in Portland I talked to Carol from San Francisco about the HIVE they're forming. The whole process of developing this sort of network is fascinating.

-Jen Larson @ YS