Thursday, October 24, 2013

The New Points of View Reference Center

Points of View Reference Center has a new look to make it more appealing and to bring it in line with the other EBSCO databases. Now you can use the same sign in to save results and searches in the folder in the upper-right-hand corner as Masterfile Premier, Novelist, or Academic Search Premier. On the right side of each article, you have the familiar options to save, email, cite, or get a permanent web link. By clicking on “Bookmark”, you can even share via social media. Patrons can listen to articles in an American, British or Australian accent and even download as an .mp3 file.

Points of View is geared to papers that present one side or another of an issue, although it can be used for much more. Selected hot-button issues of the day are displayed on the front page, as well as a blog where students can discuss issues and the option to browse by category. When you start typing in the search box, Points of View will make topic suggestions, just like Google. If you get lost, click on the “Points of View” icon to get back to the front page.

Points of View includes newspaper and magazine articles, academic journals, primary sources, government documents, radio and television transcripts, charts and graphs, images, and videos from the Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century. There are 343 topics and 1300 main essays. The full-text limiter is on by default.

Each topic has an overview, a “Point” article, a “Counterpoint” with an opposing argument, and a Guide to Critical Analysis. The Guide explains each section of the topic and how a patron would use them to help write a paper, along with questions to think about to help them decide what their opinion is.

On the right of each topic are research guides on choosing a topic, evaluating web sites, and writing a topic sentence. “How to understand the bias of a publication” lists publications considered liberal, conservative and moderate. Research guides are also available on the front page in the “Reference Shelf” box on the right. Here you can also browse all 63 charts and graphs.

Points of View Reference Center remains the go-to resource for persuasive papers or speeches.

--Andrea @Central

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