Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Two weeks ago I attended a MHS workshop called Research for History Day.

The first piece of information I found helpful is that History Day judges look at the bibliography first.  SPPL staff will want to show students the citation tools located in most of the online databases.

The second piece of helpful information is that anyone entering the U of M Wilson Library can have access to the U of M databases while in the Wilson Library.  Wilson Library will be hosting a History Day event, and they are very enthusiastic supporters of students using their databases.  Here's a link to their policy(second paragraph), however I'm assuming the students won't have to show a government-issued photo ID.

Below are links to handouts and worksheets.

1.  Worksheet : Research Strategy

        One-page, single-sided worksheet helps the student break down their topic, create keywords, and think about where to look for information and what type of information (primary/secondary resources).

2.  Worksheet : Primary and Secondary Sources

        One-page worksheet that lists examples of different primary and secondary resources.

Two options for finding a topic.

3.   Handout : 2014 Topic List "Rights and Responsibilities in History"

        Five, double-sided pages of history day paper topics produced by the MHS staff.

4.  The MHS site also has Topic links at the MHS website:

Online Resources

5.   Online Resources For National History Day Research

                   Three-page handout.  Most information will be review for library staff including online primary and secondary resource links.


6.    U of M Libraries Primary Sources for History : Selected Databases for History Day Projects

                     Five-page, double-sided annotated list of U of M databases most of which are subscription.
                     Walk-ins can use the subscription databases.


7.  Free Links to Free Online Sites

                        Arizona State University offers an excellent page including freely available research materials.


8.  30,000 Best of History Websites by EdTech Teacher Inc.

                       Arrranged by topic this list of links can be overwhelming, but if you have a particular topic, the links to free databases may be helpful to the student.


Links to MN History Day materials

                Everything you'd like to know about MN History Day can be found on the MHS website.  I've included direct links for fastest maneuvering.


                   Link includes Research Strategy Worksheet and Topics Handout.


                   Hidden link to Teacher Framework.  133-page document.

                   This hidden link means you don't have to fill out the information page which comes up every time you try to access the Framework.

--Samantha F-C @ Merriam

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