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This Week in Libraries
Tuesday, October 27
Opening Keynote:  Libraries & the New Education Ecosystem—Lee Rainie
Presenter highlighted results from a September, 2015 PEW report on how the public views libraries. This is a follow-up report and it includes figures from the initial November, 2012 survey.  People believe we have rebranded ourselves as tech hubs.  Most people who visit will be under the age of 65, and moms are more likely than dads to visit.  

People seek help finding health information, learning about new technologies, and learning about local events & resources.  

There was a big change in people’s attitudes to keep print books, or offer spaces.


Potential focal points:  The recent survey asked people to self-identify as a lifelong learner.  



Only 60% of the people know we offer eBooks & audiobooks.  

94% of responders would support services and programs offered for active military personnel and veterans.

Offer programs and events on protecting privacy and identity theft

Tuesday, October 27:  I focused on the Opening Keynote Panel and sessions on Dealing With Digital topics and the Info Service Biz.

eBook Maker:  Libraries as Publishers—Bay Area Library ePublishers BALE
See O/Share/Information Services Council folder/Internet Librarian 2015/Hickok files             balepub@gmail.com for questions, feedback, process
The Sunnyvale Public Library created an anthology of (mostly local) short stories and poetry, and published it as an eBook.  The grant funded title was uploaded into the OverDrive platform, and it had 269 checkouts in two months.  A new unfunded title will be created in 2016 (a cookbook), and BALE will create a website that features documents, FAQs, information on writing workshops, and  podcasts of the writing workshops.  The website will serve as a promotional tool linking users from the library website.

Successful Webinars 101—Mary Ellen Bates (CyberTour mini session)
The presenter prefers Go To Webinar http://www.gotomeeting.com/webinar, and offered a “Secrets of Successful Webinars” article and her personal checklist. http://www.infotoday.com/OnlineSearcher/Articles/Features/Secrets-of-Successful-Webinars-106050.shtml Online Searcher, September/October 2015, vol 39, no 5, p 10.

Recipe For IT-Librarians’ Collaboration—Deb Hunt & Scott Hargrove
I only caught the last ten minutes of the presentation as the Successful Webinars mini session ran over time.  Presenter Hargrove said individuals can ignore security, but only at their own peril.  Libraries should offer cyber awareness classes and events to inform the public.  He also felt that IT staff should be included on planning committees from the beginning, not brought in as an afterthought.  

From Librarian to Info-Intrapreneur—Mary Ellen Bates & Lynn Strand
See O/Share/Information Services Council folder/Internet Librarian 2015
Both presenters have their own information businesses and offered insights on their careers.
It is our job to recognize and demonstrate our value, not our clients’ job to figure it out.  How do you prepare for a strategic decision?  What’s keeping you from achieving your goals?  How do you stay on top of issues in our profession?  Bates encourages us to understand the organization’s current strategic goals.  We should analyze the annual report to see understand the highlights, emphasized changes from the previous year, and determine where the money is going.  See also The Fine Art of Small Talk by Debra Fine as a networking resource.

How do you describe library services to the general public?  Don’t say “library school” but “in my master’s program…,” or “while attending graduate school…”  Strand states we should keep library jargon out of our conversations, go outside of our comfort zone and to take risks.  Her name is her brand, and people now think of her to answer ANY question—even if it is not her direct field.  She fulfills their information need, and uses the situation as a teachable moment.

New Paradigms of Learning:  Experiments In Digital Making—Erik Boekesteijn & Katie Pekacar  https://katiepekacar.wordpress.com/

This in-person & Skype presentation highlighted digital making in UK and European libraries.  Boekesteijn presenting information on DokLAB—innovation in storytelling (connecting people with collections and stories)l, a makerspace on wheels, and a CoderDojo space that offers free coding lessons for children ages 7-17.  At the moment, there are 500 kids on a waiting list.  

Pekacar presented a sneak preview of Code GreenThe How-to Guide for Coding, Robotics, Digital Music Making, Community Building and more for public libraries gosclo.com.  It will launch November 5, will feature a grid appearance on the computer screen, and is considered more of a directory, not a step-by-step “how to” guide.   BBC funding will ensure every child in the UK gets a laptop.  

Both predict that Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (especially in education) will be huge in the not too distant future, as will health tracking for the general public.

Raising the Innovation Bar for Services & Librarians—Terry Beck & Christa Werle, Sno-Isle Libraries  http://conferences.infotoday.com/documents/223/A205_Beck.pdf
Presenters implemented an Idea Management System enabling their MLIS Librarian staff to get out from behind the desk and out into the community.  All library system decisions must meet at least one of their four information service key points:  Values, Purpose, Strategic Focus and Core Services.  http://conferences.infotoday.com/documents/223/A205_Werle(1).pdf  This one page document is posted in every room of every library in the system.

In order to think outside of the box, you need a solid box to stand on.  When changing strategic goals/missions/visions, articulate the reasons behind the decision to change—numbers, facts.  

Evening Session:  European Libraries: Directions & Insights—Erik Boekesteijn
A summary of his earlier presentation, plus more DokLAB videos featuring roles of smaller, public libraries through-out Europe.  The European Parliament monitors and funds all of the large research libraries, so Boekesteijn travels all over filming personal stories of how their local “libraries” impact the community.  Presenter is also host of This Week In Libraries which has produced 121 video episodes on various topics, and promotes the "Libraries Change Lives" movement.

--Jodi @ Hayden Heights

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