Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Copying Scores on Letter-sized Paper


I think I've figured out how to copy scores onto letter-sized paper relatively painlessly.

Hit the following buttons:

Image Adjustment
Center Zoom

Once you put the score on the copier, it should read the size of it and reduce automatically. (This might happen after you ask it to copy once. I don't really remember.) The last score I copied reduced to something like .964. I did have to figure out how to place the score on the glass to get everything, but there is a handy ruler on the side of the glass which you can use to duplicate the placement, and this at least takes the guess work out of the reduction.

Finally, I think we've figured out the proper purpose of one of those mysterious and annoying extra functions! Yay!


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Anonymous said...

Hi, Melissa,

Thanks -- this helps. I've tried using high-school geometry (w/the square root of two), guessing whether the ratios are linear or based on area, etc. Not pretty.