Wednesday, October 24, 2007


In spite of the rainy weather and parking issues, Central’s Teen Read Week 2007 was a rousing success, with a total attendance of 107 people for 6 programs. Our team of Karen, Jennifer, Carl and me created two themed days of 3 programs each.

Thursday was “Scary Day”, with a make-up effects professional, a forensic scientist, and the movie Poltergeist. The teens really enjoyed doing the hands-on portion of the “CSI Teenstyle” where they viewed evidence and solved a fictitious crime. Our new DVD and TV set-up and projector really made the movie experience more “theater-like”. Books and booklists on the topics were also displayed.

Friday was “Graphic Novel and Animation Day” , with teens from the Open School showing how to make animation with free software, a panel of 4 graphic novelist and artists talking about their work, and the anime Naruto the Movie : Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow. The teens really hung on the words of the graphic novelists and some even brought their art for the panelists to look at! They also enjoyed the authentic Japanese treats like Pocky, which went fast. Some of the movie crowd had seen the movie before and chuckled at familiar scenes and lines. They even dressed up as the characters, rather like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but fortunately not as rowdy. Two lucky teens got gift certificates for the best costumes.

All in all, we had a lot of fun, and we made contacts for future programming. The presenters said they had a good time and would be interested in future events, whether teen or adult. We also created booklists which could be used by other branches or for future displays.

Thanks to everyone who assisted us, especially Therese, Sheree, Paul, Phyllis, Marcus, Alayne, John L. and Doris.

More pictures here.


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