Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some Federal eGovernment Websites


I got this from my Government Documents mailinglist, and it looked like something that might be generally useful.


1. Forms - forms that can be e-filed or forms that can be filled out online then printed

Apply for assistance online.

b. IRS
All online tools with the exception of E-file.,,id=143687,00.html

To e-file taxes.

Online tools within boxes #1, #2, #3 include online PIN, saving and working on saved forms, checking the status of a submitted form, and others.

d. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
To register for a customer account with the USCIS.

Links to forms that can be e-filed.

Links to forms that can be filled out online (need to download first).
To make an appointment with local USCIS offices.

To check the status of a case online.

Electronic filing for immigration benefits.

To change your address online.

Naturalization Self Test.
On USCIS website in subject tab "Education and Resources."

e. Department of Veterans Affairs
To register for a customer account with the DVA.

Links to forms that can be e-filed.

Forms that can be filled out online; will need to know form # or do a search first.

f. Social Security Administration
To register for a customer account and password with the SSA.

Links to all online services.

g. metasite
Links to forms that can be filled out online for most federal agencies (their goal is to provide 100% of forms for all federal agencies, so this is a good website to know regardless of e-government needs).

h. Bureau of Economic Analysis ASTAR system
This is an example of an "online business transaction" tool that business owners use to communicate with government agencies. There are others. The majority of the links listed in this handout are "online personal transactions" tools; this is an exception.

i. U.S Department of State
Passports applications and renewals, current status of applications, forms.
NOTE: website does not work properly in Netscape.

2. Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Finder

Formulary Finder

Lower your Costs During the Coverage Gap

Learn More about Plans in Your Area

3. Post Office
"The Postal Store" to buy stamps and other mailing supplies.

"Shipping Tools" - see online "Tools" on right of screen.

"Mailing Tools" - see online "Tools" on right of screen.

"Receiving Mail" - see "Change of Address" and "Mail Forwarding" and others.

4. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's "Electronic Business Centers"; and Library of Congress' Copyright Office
For patents.

For trademarks.

Copyright Office's "Public Catalog"

"How to Register a Work" leads to forms that can be filled out online

5. GLOBUS (and NTDB) – Your Comprehensive Source for Credible Trade Leads and Timely Market Research
Although there may be some non-FDLP libraries in your service area, chances are that only your FDLP library will have access to GLOBUS and its national and international trade leads. So you should do your best to make the most of this resource! Some of the features of GLOBUS that your e-business customers should find useful include "Today's Global Business Opportunity Leads," "Current and Historical Trade Leads," "Contacts," and others.

6. E-government quick tools (note that according to some definitions of E-government these are not E-government tools at all; you decide)

a. NCHS "Where to Write for Vital Records

b. Census "Population Finder" & Census "Find an Area Profile" (both on right side of Census homepage)

c. Census " AFF Address Search"

d. NCES "Search for Schools, Colleges, and Libraries"



"Other languages" from Pueblo's "Federal Citizen Information Center"

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