Monday, April 28, 2008


For this IT Playgroup, Pioneer Press technology reporter Julio Ojeda-Zapata brought Apple TV and Vudu to show us (plus a giant flatscreen TV). Both are devices that stream content from the Internet to your TV (preferably an HDTV). Vudu has a larger movie and TV library, but Apple TV also offers photos, music, podcasts, YouTube and Flickr. Neither have monthly fees, you pay for each item you buy or rent. Ojeda-Zapata felt that neither product was a blockbuster, but they illustrate trends that could really blossom in the future. The XBox game console also allows you to rent movies, but it is rather noisy to have in your living room all the time.

He also brought the ultraportable notebook computers the MacBook Air and Lenovo x300. Both have solid-state storage (like a flash drive) instead of a hard drive, so they can be a lot thinner, but there is a lot less space for files and programs.


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