Sunday, April 13, 2008

Webinar: Library Spaces; Future Needs

Earlier in March, I viewed a webinar featuring 2 architects and a public library director. Here are some highlights from the webinar, Library Spaces; Future Needs:

When planning for library space, think about "zones" — Welcome Zone , Living Room Zone, Civic Zone (courtyard)
Flexibility is foremost — reconfigurable furniture, exhibit/gallery space, etc.
Teen Zone should feature gaming space as well as homework center.
Programming suite includes cafe, meeting rooms, cultural event spaces. Each library needs to maximize programming space.
Support services zone consolidates functions and supports collegiality.
Services are constantly changing — models include bookstore, convenience store, shopping mall etc.
When merchandising the collection, use mobile display units, specialized lighting
Historic libraries should consider grand hotel ambiance (fireplace, views) enticing people to linger.
For a multi story building, concierge (Greeter) service is important. This includes escorting customers to specific place in building
Future is distributed self-check (throughout building) including mobile self check
Mobile compact shelving is a growing trend.
Reference should be transparent, approachable, friendly — no barrier desks.
Patron to patron collaboration should be supported (active collaborative space in center, quiet spaces off to side)
Express visit vs. sustained visit to library — these two are completely different. Important to make the express visit efficient.

The presenters' slides can be found here.

--Barb S.

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